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This is the quality of an animated movie, not just a series. This is at least as good as The Iron Giant in quality, but this is even better-looking because that was 20 years ago and this is very modern. This looks amazing, good job man :)

Disclaimer: This post comes from a place of care and also Ryan is a friend, so I don't want this to come off as rude or mean or anything, but I apologize if I didn't word things properly. I don't want to make anyone feel hurt or upset or discourage anyone's talents, y'know? With that said...here's my personal thoughts, but it's quite blunt.

I get people's gripes about her, and she took this well, but the way this came off was...way too mean. I'm taking this from the perspective of making a hate collab about well, anyone, in such a way, unless it was like a roast done in a tasteful way, which those exist, but this....is kinda...childish? I will say i got a couple chuckles at some of the drawings lol. Some of the animation was good,, I get it's not supposed to be a mega effort thing, so some of it is meh, gets the point across, and brings back that good old NG style but yeah.

With that said, people are gonna like what they like, this just makes you guys seem kinda...salty about it and petty. I'm just being realistic here, not trying to be rude. Originally i wasn't going to say anything about this, and I don't want to get anyone down or anything, but I'm against spreading hate in the world. I'm concerned with how this makes Newgrounds look. Do we really want to give Newgrounds a bad name to ward people away by centering a hateful (non-roasty parody) type collab to hate on one person?

I've been around since 2003, I get theres been collabs about that, but it's when people do shitty things and what not, but is Mooni really at fault? Sure, it might not seem fair to the hard working people but some of the things that are high rated in the portal are animations, yes they're viewed because adult content is always gonna be more popular most of the time, but this shows insecurity if anything else.

I'm just being honest. However, before I assume anything truly, what was the purpose of this collab? Was this all just for laughs really? Ultimately newgrounds collabs are just that, but this struck me as...just pure hate. She even once messaged me saying she got a lot of hate messages from well...unfortunately some NG musicians I don't want to name and won't say publicly. But it's disappointing. I see this as a friendly community, so it made me really sad to hear that. If she was mean I mean i'd get it, but she's not.

My personal opinion though, is that this could have been more tasteful of a roast in a sense, and not just playground bully jokes. I'm surprised she took it well, but if it was me, I probably wouldn't come back to a website after this. Ultimately, this just kinda feeds the negative things people have heard about newgrounds. Do we really want that?

Call me a simp if you choose to go that route, but I genuinely care for you guys, and NG. I'm just kinda disappointed to see this coming from you all, I thought you were above this, because your other work is great. Just wanted to give you some food for thought, but I'll give you guys a 2 star because I care about y'all and some of the animation was good.

Maybe this is a controversial review, maybe I'll get flack for it, but I'm thinking of the bigger picture here, not just Mooni. Everyone has their fair chance, and also things are categorized more properly now, I get it used to be an issue. I support your other work, but I can't say I support this or agree with it.

Though I'm just overall a bit confused as to why you guys made this, but it just comes off as genuine festering hate thrown like a tantrum. If I'm wrong, correct me, but I'm genuinely curious of the origin, the story of how this collab came to be? I know you might say "it speaks for itself" but, I'm just curious of the intent and the details.

Maybe this comes off as rude or weird of a review, I can't say I've ever written a review like this in the history I've been on newgrounds, but idk, parodies are funny most times and tasteful, actually have good roasts and what not, but this didn't hit that way, it felt like it was made to ward her away from Newgrounds and not be a welcoming community, but i dunno, is that just me?

In any case, keep going with your future endeavors, because you guys are a talented bunch, but my advice, I wouldn't make something like this again for the sake of spreading rumors about Newgrounds. Yes, I'm serious.

So what's the story behind this collab? Am i taking it too seriously? Just how it comes off.

EDIT: Well fuck, I just realized how long this was to read. But still, it's important. Sorry.

StaggerNight responds:

This Collab was just for the shits of it honestly. We are not trying to get personal.

This actually caught me off guard. I didn't expect the hands to be explained but like that changes everything. Telekinesis? I mean, it makes sense. This is the last of the shorts though? I mean, how funny would it be if you showed how the babies get their hands like what order they pop out of the momma.

Or maybe it's funnier to not explain it at all. Or maybe they're all experiments and have no parents, but I don't think that's quite right. Interesting to see where things will go in purgatory. Hope Hank saves the world and makes it back, but you already said it's not over until everyone is dead, so nope.

I always wondered what was going on everywhere else in the world of MC, because we have now seen many test sites in Nevada. Is the whole world enslaved? It would make sense with the symbolism. I'd the whole world in purgatory now? Just Nevada?

So many questions. Anyway, this is probably my favorite of the shorts outside of the Sanford and Deimos entries.

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Well done guys, well done. I also love the pixel environment, this has a good spirit to it. See, this is why NG is a healthy, wonderful community of artists. When we can all come together like this, it's beautiful, refreshing. I love the art pieces too. Good job everyone <3

HenryEYES responds:

Merry Christmas!

Wait, you mean to tell me, you took your Pixel Day entry, and turned it into a full game???? That's awesome dude! That makes me really happy, knowing that Pixel Day made that kind of impact on you. I always thought it had a lot of potential to be a full game, and it's great with a controller! I'm broke at the moment, but I would definitely buy this on Steam when I get the time/money to play. Good job man :)

Wolod responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate your support. And thank you for creating Pixel Day!

Not bad for a simple time-waster! I like the art, and the programming is well-done. Would be cool if you could deflect the purple blobs into other enemies and stuff like that for a boss fight, has potential for a sequel to expand on these ideas. Good job guys! I love the surprises, this is really challenging and surprisingly lots of fun.

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Dude, I absolutely love this. Can i play this on my radio show? Anything you'd like me to say like give links or what not? Also is your name pronounced "loose" or like Lucy? This is like the music i used to make when i first started except nowhere near this good, but like i loved the music from some game soundtracks that sounded like this and it inspired me a lot. Good stuff.

luce responds:

My name is Lucy but I make stuff under luce now, which is pronounced loose lol.
A link to my newgrounds and my SoundCloud would work
And https://luce.newgrounds.com/

Thanks for talking about this on the show! I thought it was cool you guys decided to highlight it. I'm involved with this collab and it's been a lot of fun! Can't wait for you guys to see the whole thing when it's done! :D Interesting stories here.

VoicesByCorey responds:

I can’t wait for everyone to hear the collab too! You’ve been a HUGE help Faction! I’m extremely glad you came aboard!

Haha this is great. Love ya Seven, I know the recent years (especially this and last year) have been really rough on you, but I'm glad you're staying strong and I was surprised to see you put this out, this is great. :)

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Damnnnn :D nice

This should be a-rated cause penis. Otherwise, great drawing.

Joeydrawss responds:


Some of your finest work, I must say.

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