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Content On the Way/Life Update

Posted by JohnnyGuy - February 12th, 2021

EDIT: Before anything else, check out the Pixel Day winners! https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1464319

Life Update (and a checklist of content on the way)

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been active. Past few weeks I've had a mild migraine waiting for it to pass. Ears are constantly ringing, then there's head pressure. It's passing, but very slowly. In the meantime, below is a checklist of things I want to get done when I'm better soon. Thank you to all those who enjoyed the season 2 premiere episode of Off the Wall too! Go check it out if you haven't, in my last post, and latest audio submission (check out the video version too).

I'm sleeping better, getting up the same time every day, and I'm seeking career counseling next week to figure out what specific path I want to take to carry my life financially, and something in-person I can do that I'll love. Nothing I'm doing now is going to carry my life, and that's okay, they're just fun hobbies. Also wanting to get in shape and take better care of myself in general.

Here's what's coming next, look at the checklist below.


Cursed Server album - Getting close to being done, should be out by April or May, but you'll get the next single sometime next month.

Pokemon Parody Song - I've had everything done but the vocals, this will be one of the very next things I do once I feel good enough to do it.

The Greatest Showman World Chorus Medley Project - This has been on hold for too long, there's one song left I gotta finish, I feel bad for putting it on hold for so long because of the people involved, I want to finish the song before I finish my next album, I've used music as therapy so I haven't been as much in the mood for much else, but now I'm getting back into it soon and doing mentally better. This will be coming soon in the coming months.

Sixx A.M. Cover Song - Small update I just made on Thursday to this post last minute even though I'm posting on Friday (tomorrow) but originally my friend was going to sing on this cover I'm working on but they felt it wasn't good for their voice, so I'll be singing it instead. I've had the instrumental done. Don't know when this will be done, but the near future.

Off the Wall Episodes - I mean, duh, but yeah every 2 weeks Friday nights. I might make releases earlier in the day. Episode 2 is going to feature the first advice segment of season 2, expect more of those. I want to share life experiences, as well as a few different kinds of other segments coming in episodes 3 and 4 I have planned. I won't spoil them, but one of them is from someone else for the show. I'm gradually going to get more people involved in the future for segments here and there.

Audio Comedy Skits - I've been making skits for fun and for the Newgrounds VA Collab once again this year, so expect occasional skits. I also want to send them to the Newgrounds Podcast. I've been sitting on a couple of scripts and soon you're gonna get one, but I've had ideas for others. This will probably be done within a month and I'll try to pump them out more often. I got a couple Jack Serious skits planned, too.

Newgrounds Zero Hour Game - It's been making steady progress, but recently slowed down a little. Though progress is coming along nicely all around. My goal is to have Stage 1's remake done by Pico Day, or before, but we're taking our time. It's episodic updates, so new stages will be added here and there.

After the Cursed Server album, I'll be taking a break from my own personal music, and focusing on game soundtrack work (if everything works out as planned), and maybe A Silent Voice (my band) depending on how everyone feels, we've all been quite busy with personal projects and our drummer/guitarist has had medical issues lately, poor guy. I eventually want to narrow down what I do, hence the 2 weeks per talk show episode release, to manage my time better, and focus more on whatever career I end up wanting to do from career counseling.

Eventually it'll mostly be the talk show, comedy skits, occassional game updates for NG Zero Hour, and the game soundtrack work I won't be able to post. It isn't the end of my music of course, just will be a bit of a hiatus from posting music specifically. Figuring things out and progressing mentally, I recently let a lot of anger go. I'd like to talk about that in one of the next episodes of Off the Wall.

Love you guys, also thank you for all the new followers! I can't believe I"m already at almost 3,000 fans! I've been getting a lot more lately! :D


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Happy to hear your doing fine. I would love to hear the Cursed Server album when it's finished and also check out Zero Hour when that's done.