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Formerly RealFaction. Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer, Radio Host, Podcast Host, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves to bring smiles, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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Before I talk about Pixel Day and the game I'm working on I need people for, go check out the Newgrounds Voice Actor Collab! I wrote some skits in it and I voiced some of the characters:

Pixel Day 2021 is January 23rd, coming up soon! If you want to make anything inspired by the 8-bit/16-bit gaming days, now's the perfect time to start to submit ON the 23rd with the tag "pixelday2021" (and maybe pixel-day-2021 i dunno @TomFulp will announce it). I made a podcast to announce it:

ALSO! If you are a programmer or a pixel artist and want to work on the Newgrounds: Zero Hour game, check out the demo from 2015:

I am looking for a dedicated programmer (I'll work around your schedule, just want a weekly update or something to keep motivation even if not much is done, I'm reasonable, but if you feel your life is way too busy, then probably not good for you).

You can make as many or as little assets for the game as you want, take your time! This is a collage, a mural of Newgrounds' finest pixel artists! There's a lot of art we have that isn't in the demo we haven't implemented yet but we still need more art! Let me know!



NG: Zero Hour Needs Programmer and Artists!

Newgrounds: Zero Hour, the game that launched Pixel Day that I started on 5 years ago, is now back in development!

I need a programmer who can make it run like the demo, as well as artists who can make as little or as many assets as they want! I want this to be a mural of pixel artists for the community, and to celebrate Newgrounds.

With that said, this is a project for fun, and no hurry on it. We'll be taking our time, but staying motivated. The demo did really well and helped promote Pixel Day, bringing more pixel artists to Newgrounds! It's a fictional, non-canon sequel to Pico's School, but expanding to the NG universe with many past popular characters. It's also focused on challenging platforming and boss fights.

A good example is the Stage 2 walkthrough video (don't mind the glitch of the fireballs being way too big and reversed, plus this is old): https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

Also here's the announcement trailer highlighting Stage 1: https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

More than anything I need a stable programmer, we already have a decent amount of artists, but we can have as many as we want! I want your style to shine on this project, but I do look for quality. It would be cool to release another demo on Pico Day. Send me your work, and we'll talk! Thanks! :)


Collaborate with me!

I've been doing voices practicing to myself since I was 13, but only been in a few animations. I will post a demo soon, so keep posted, I'm looking to be in an animation or even voice act for a game if possible.

To give you an idea of my range:

I can do Kermit the Frog, Elmo, Serverus Snape (Harry Potter), Cleveland from Family Guy, Goblin sounding crap similar to World of Warcraft, undead sounding croaking voice, some giant sounding voice with pitch editing, Elites from Halo (kind've), etc. Again, I'll be posting a demo soon and leaving it up for a while so keep posted. If interested, please PM me.